Welcome to my website!

My name is Matthäus Crepaz. I’m a composer, arranger, conductor and music teacher. I’m glad you’ve found your way to my website.
“Music doesn’t know any boundaries!”
That’s the motto of my work. I COMPOSE and ARRANGE works for you, for your orchestra, your music band or group. I PRODUCE music for your film, your advertisement, and whatever else you need music for. I can let you have music as sheet music, as an audio file, on CD and on flash drive. The genre doesn’t matter, as my musical style ranges between classical music, film music, folk music, rock, pop, disco, and many more. You can also decide on the instrumentation, such as symphony orchestra, wind orchestra, chamber orchestra, ensemble, band or “just” digital music (i.e. music with virtual sounds) – with me, (almost) everything is possible.
Have a browse on my website, read my references, listen to the music samples, take a look at the extracts from the scores and get an idea of my work. If you give me your trust, I’ll do everything to not disappoint you.

I’m looking forward to getting in contact with you
, Matthäus Crepaz