„Hoader Marsch“ (composition)

“In 2019, the band Musikkapelle St. Valentin an der Haide celebrated their 125th anniversary. For this occasion, the committee of the band decided to commission a march. As I knew and valued Matthäus Crepaz as a competent, excellent musician and work colleague, I knew that I had found the perfect composer for us. Matthäus was thrilled at our idea and composed a modern, demanding concert march, that fits our band perfectly. At the spring concert 2019 both our musicians and the audience loved the extraordinarily versatile composition with great new melodies. Matthäus even came all the way to Val Venosta to attend the première.
The Hoader march by Matthäus Crepaz is now part of our music archive and we’d always ask him again to compose something for us.”
Representing the band Musikkapelle St. Valentin an der Haide

Blaas Tobias (music director)

„creazion” (composition)

“We found your composition really surprising and touching. Your music was soft, harmonious and dynamic. We are so grateful to you, Anastasia Kostner and the ensemble “Ucajion” for the inauguration evening of the exhibition “Controtempo”.

Claudia and Wilhelm Senoner” (artist)

„Call me“ – „Take my breath away“ (arrangement)

“Matthäus Crepaz made two arrangements together with Georg Malfertheiner for the songs “Call Me” and “Take My Breath Away”, for my “Live Concert Tour 2019”. They were able to integrate the orchestra in a great way without losing the character of my songs. Well done!”

Giorgio Moroder (producer/composer)

„What a wonderful world“ – „Hot fun in the summertime“ – „We shall overcome“ (arrangements)

“I got to know Matthäus Crepaz at a trombone workshop in Bolzano and was very impressed by the quality of his arrangements. I told the manager of the WDR Rundfunkorchester Köln (West German Broadcasting orchestra), Corinna Rottschy, about him and his talent, whereupon she asked him to write some arrangements.
These arrangements – What a Wonderful World (instrumental), We Shall Overcome, Hot Fun in the Summertime (vocal with orchestra) – were characterized by stylistic command, rich tone colors, and intelligently decent handling of the orchestra in the vocal arrangements.
The WFO Köln played his works with great delight and the audience celebrated them accordingly.
We’re looking forward to more pieces by him.”

Ingo Luis, bass trombonist and arranger of the orchestra WDR Funkhausorchester Köln (WFO), April 2020

„Adum per fé mujiga“ – „Adum per for” – “La Pasion” – “Imprescions d'autonn” – “L lën dla pesc” – “Chocolate Brasileiro” – “Melancolia” (compositions)

“The orchestral works by Matthäus Crepaz proved popular with the audience and also with the musicians. Matthäus Crepaz knows how to design his works into rhythmically and melodically thrilling pieces of music, and has an unerring instinct for the right character in every work. He effectively manages to put his orchestral sound ideas into practice and thus, playing his compositions becomes a symphonic adventure.”

Felicitas Schweizer (violin music teacher, conductor, concertmaster)

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