About me

Matthäus Crepaz is a freelance composer and arranger. He works with all types of musical styles, from classical music, film music and wind music, to folk music, rock and pop. He creates sheet music as well as digitally produced music. Symphonic orchestral music is his passion. He also works as a conductor, music teacher and instrumentalist.



Born in Bolzano (I) and raised in Ortisei/Val Gardena (I), where he still lives with his family.


First percussion course at the music school. Later on, he also learns to play the Styrian harmonica and finally the trombone.


His studies of the trombone at the “Claudio Monteverdi” Conservatory in Bolzano begin. During this time, Matthäus Crepaz attends a number of trombone master classes, he starts to compose and play the piano, and plays in various ensembles, orchestras and music bands.

From 2000

Membership in various ensembles as a trombonist (e.g. Ortisei Music Band, Urtijëi Brass Quintet, Youth Symphony Orchestra South Tyrol, and others)


“Rotary Club” advancement award

From 2005

Music teacher at the music school in Ortisei, later on also at other music schools in South Tyrol. Today he teaches the trombone, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, tuba and musical theory at the music schools Val Gardena, Siusi and Chiusa. In addition, he supervises the composition workshop at the Val Gardena music school. For eight years, he was also a music pedagogue at the Ortisei middle school.


Diploma in trombone at the “Claudio Monteverdi” Conservatory in Bolzano. This year, he also concluded his first composition: the “Brass Fanfare” for the “Urtijëi Brass Quintet”. Moreover, he hosted the program “Classical and film music” (German: Musik aus Klassik und Film) at the radio station “Radio Gherdëina”.

From 2007

He starts working as a conductor at the Castelrotto Music Band. One year later, he becomes the director of the Sonoton Gherdëina Orchestra. He’s been holding both jobs to the present.


First collaboration with the legendary Giorgio Moroder for a concert with the Sonoton Gherdëina Orchestra. Later on (in 2017), together with Georg Malfertheiner, he arranges the songs “Call Me” and “Take My Breath Away” for orchestra and band. To this day, Matthäus Crepaz is still in touch with Giorgio Moroder.


Collaboration with the “Katelruther Spazen” and Richard Clayderman for the song “Am Ende siegt die Liebe” (German for: Love wins in the end).


Matthäus Crepaz starts working with the WDR Rundfunkorchester Köln (West German Broadcasting orchestra). So-called evergreen songs are arranged for orchestra, and are performed at the show “Herz über Kopf”, hosted by TV star Eckart von Hirschhausen. This year, the composer also starts working for the radio program “Klassik Lounge” together with Matthias Mayr at the RAI Südtirol radio station.

Composing career

Matthäus Crepaz learned to compose mostly autodidactically, by reading various orchestra scores and reference books, and by experimenting and trying things out. Already at the age of nine, he had started to create his own songs at his sister’s keyboard. In 2006, he wrote his first complete composition “Brass Fanfare”, after having been motivated by a dear friend. This piece was published straight away by Ernst-Mosch-flugelhornist Freek Mestrini. Little by little, Matthäus Crepaz began to arrange and compose, at first mostly for wind ensembles and wind bands/orchestras. It was with the help of the Sonoton Gherdina Orchestra and the Castelrotto Music Band that his works were again and again performed with enthusiasm. In 2017, Matthäus Crepaz produced his fist digital music with virtual instruments. That same year, the legendary Giorgio Moroder gave him the task of arranging two songs for his Live Tour. At the same time, the Kastelruther Spatzen asked Crepaz to arrange a piece with “classical” instruments for a song together with Schlager pianist Richard Clayderman. In 2018, bass trombonist, composer and arranger Ingo Luis (D) took notice of him and asked him to write an arrangement for the WDR Rundfunkorchester Köln (West German Broadcasting orchestra). Ever since, Crepaz has been securing commissions from this renowned orchestra.

Up to the present day, Matthäus Crepaz has written around 50 compositions and at least as many arrangements. He likes to work with different musical styles, such as classical, wind, folk and film music, as well as pop, rock, musicals and very recently also meditation and wellness music. His commissioners come from all branches. Thus, he works for professional as well as amateur orchestras, school orchestras, music bands, ensembles, choirs and bands. He even wrote the lyrics to some of his works for choir and singers. Over the years, Matthäus Crepaz has developed his own style. His works are independent, unconventional and unique. Every work is exceptional and original. The composer explains the character of his pieces by saying the following: “It can happen that, on the same day, I’ll listen to James Last and Gustav Mahler, and without feeling ashamed, I can take both to my heart… although Mahler has a very special place there.”



As a child, Matthäus Crepaz “conducted” his father’s records with a white Mikado stick. The TV program was his “score”. His passion to conduct grew until he became the director of the Castelrotto Music Band in 2007. One year later, he also started conducting the Sonoton Gherdëina Orchestra. The autodidact is still doing both with great enthusiasm.


Matthäus Crepaz plays a bit of percussion, the Styrian harmonica, the tenor horn, the baritone, the euphonium, the tuba and the piano, but mostly he plays the trombone, which is also his favorite instrument. In 2006, he gained the diploma in trombone at the “Claudio Monteverdi” Conservatory in Bolzano. He makes music in almost all music genres and regularly plays in wind bands, orchestras, bands and ensembles.

Music teacher

Since 2005, Matthäus Crepaz has been working as a pedagogue. At the beginning, he taught rhythm courses before becoming a teacher for deep brass (trombone, tenor horn, baritone, euphonium, tuba). For eight years, he was also a music pedagogue at the Ortisei middle school in Val Gardena. Today he works at the music schools Val Gardena, Siusi and Chiusa, where he teaches deep brass, musical theory, ensemble playing, and composition. In addition, he holds rehearsals and workshops with different ensembles and also gives private lessons.